A Wolf in the City’s latest single, “The Take,” is the band’s first release since their 2015 EP, Heavy. “The Take” is different than anything the band has previously done — more mature, slightly heavier (ironically) and with more of an alternative rock edge. But, bassist Stephen Burke shares that this is exactly what excites the band about the single’s release. “It shows a little bit of growth, not just for us as a band, but for us as people.” 


“‘The Take’ is about new, quick, and passionate love that suffers from selective vision when it comes to the flaws in it,” shares AWITC vocalist Robbie Verdin. “Maybe it’s cautionary.”


The band officially formed in 2014. Over the past five years, AWITC has primarily focused on playing live shows. However, Burke shares that, “We’re finally in a place where the music is in a good place and everyone in the band is in a good place to keep moving forward,” spurring the desire to get back to work in the studio and to tour on a much larger scale. 


Another huge change for the band was the move towards becoming completely independent. The band was previously signed with Pineapple Record Co.

A Wolf in the City plans to release a series of singles this year “The Take” being the first. The forthcoming singles were all produced and recorded by Ian Marchionda, mixed by Mat Kerekes of Citizen, and mastered by Jesse Cannon, founder of the Found Soundation in New York.  


On working with Mat Kerekes, Burke comments, “Honestly, I was skeptical that it was real at first. He posted to his Instagram that he was looking to take on mixing projects in his down time. I emailed him, fully not expecting a reply, and then less than 45 minutes later, to my surprise, he said he liked the song and he was down to work with us! The whole process was great and we can not thank him enough for getting his hands on this mix.”


Though the band has undergone many changes, they are excited about their evolution, and are eager to share their new sound with audiences. “We’ve really come into our own with these new records by carrying over the unique sonic personality we forged with Heavy into a more thoughtful, ornate, and exciting form,” says Clayton Douglas, AWITC guitarist and vocalist.


“Hopefully these songs show everyone what we’re capable of and aiming for and, though it’s taken us a while, that we want to do right by each other and the people who love us,” shares Verdin. “So, that means making to the best of our abilities and not releasing anything that isn’t 100% unanimously USDA Certified Grade A Beef."


-Sara Santora


Robert Verdin​ (Vocals)

Joshua Juergensmeyer (Guitar)

Clayton Douglas (Guitar)

Stephen Burke (Bass)

Jentzen Judice (Drums)


Stephen Burke











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